Verbal Lease Agreement Pa

Please use carefully the information contained in this brochure, as the law is constantly evolving and the information may not present any change in legislation that occurred after the creation and publication of the brochure. Make sure that any gaps are filled in or removed from the rental agreement and that any changes are made before signing. Any agreement between you and the landlord must be included in the rental agreement, including any promises by the lessor to make repairs. If you don`t understand something in the rental agreement, ask for clarification. Yes. An owner has the option to ask for a deposit. During the first year of a rental agreement, the deposit may not exceed the amount of two months` rent. In the second and next years, it may not exceed one month`s rent. In the third and next year, the landlord must deposit all amounts over US$100 into a special interest account and pay the tenant a portion of the interest earned on that account each year. Written rental agreements usually say who is responsible for different types of repairs. If the tenant has an oral rental agreement or a written rental agreement that does not specify who is responsible for the repairs, the landlord is usually responsible for all major repairs and repairs required due to normal wear and tear.

If the tenant is the cause of the damage, the tenant may be responsible for repairing the damage. However, some leases prohibit tenants from carrying out repairs or alterations. In this case, the landlord can repair the damage caused by the tenant and the tenant is charged for the repair. You should keep records of any damages that are charged to you – or that you think will be charged. The deposit during the first year of a rental contract may not exceed two months` rent. From the second year of a rental agreement, a landlord cannot withhold a deposit of more than one month`s rent. All bonds held by an owner over $100 must be deposited with a bank. Attention: If you have a written lease, read it carefully to see if you have waived the right to obtain this eviction notification.