Chess Sponsorship Agreement

Contractual Terms This statement is only a summary of the agreement (see clause 7.4 of the sponsorship agreement). It is neither a substitute for or part of the sponsorship agreement, nor is it any other agreement in their own right. By signing the Referral Agreement, you designate us as your sponsor for its its traded non-derivative financial products that you purchase from us. We are happy to sponsor other entries you may have, sponsored by the issuer or sponsored by another ASX Group participant (z.B. ASX Stockbroker). FinEx is a party to a share and derivatives clearing agreement with FinClear Pty Ltd (participating in the clearing). The clearing participant is required to deal as a contracting entity and has settlement obligations for all ASX transactions. . Clause 9 (“Controlling Participant Modification”) addresses a situation in which, by resuming or falling off our business, all of our sponsored entries in CHESS may be fully transferred to another controlling participant, to minimise the interruption of your investment or trading activities If, in accordance with your written instructions, we change your registration data for the entries we sponsor, CHESS Yourself will inform yourself directly or confirm that your holding name/address has changed, that your sponsoring participant has changed or that other matters related to your participation, in any case.