Bmi Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Unlike framework agreements which are regularly concluded in the context of competition, contracts on terms are negotiated directly with Microsoft in view of those needs and are not competitive. For this reason, licences and services can only be obtained through a separate procurement procedure (as it stands a competition of traders). However, they provide a good basis for such procurement procedures, as they provide for a number of improvements over Microsoft`s standard terms, for example. B more favourable user rights regimes, stricter safety rules and, moreover, more favourable conditions. The explanations of the IMC can be consulted at the address for the member municipalities of the StGB NRW. You will find the contracts and the corresponding accompanying documents in the protected area of this website, which has only eligible facilities. The Select Plus contract grants the public administration of the federal state, the Länder and the municipalities more favourable conditions for the flexible purchase of Microsoft products. The group contract is the basis for the installation of large installations of widely standardized software packages. The framework contract has brought together or updated many general and contractual provisions. They apply to the licensing possibilities mentioned above or to the use of special support services. All contracts are specially adapted to the needs of the public authorities in the Federal Republic of Germany. The context of the negotiations is that the Microsoft company has announced its intention to move the products to a public cloud solution.

This variant is not conceivable for BMI due to a corresponding critical safety assessment of BMI. Negotiations must be concluded in good time. This communication does not contain a recommendation to use Microsoft licensed products. Full access to our database without contractual commitment. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed from your personal interlocutor. We are here for you: at 03361 / 680930 information about the contract; Issues relating to access to the protected area: authorities, services and legal persons of the Federal State, the Länder and municipalities may use (but not) conditional contracts, provided that they do not provide, in the course of their essential activities, services which compete with comparable services of private sector undertakings. .