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In a fourth case, the consequences of incapacity for work are more dramatic. Although the Crown Proceedings Act of 1947 allowed the government or the offslaws of the state to be sued on contracts in the same way as a normal person, if the law gives a public body the power to perform certain acts, acts of representatives who go beyond that power will be ultra vires and void. The result is the same as for companies before the 1989 reform, so that entire chains of agreements could be declared non-existent. When a contract is written, there is a fundamental presumption that the written document contains terms of an agreement,[151] and if commercial parties sign documents, each clause mentioned in the document binds them[152] unless the term is found to be unfair, the signed document is only an administrative document or under the very limited defence of dismissal. [153] The rules are in principle different for employment contracts[154] and consumer contracts[155] or wherever a legal right is invoked[156], and this is why the signing rule in commercial transactions is most important when companies attach great importance to security. Where a declaration is a provision and the Contracting Party has not signed a document, the conditions may be introduced by referring to other sources or by referring to a transaction. The basic rule established in Parker vs. South Eastern Railway Company[150] is that an appropriate termination of a period of time is necessary to bind someone. Here Mr Parker left his coat in the box at Charing Cross station and got a ticket on which it was written on the back that liability for losses was limited to £10. In the case of Interfoto Picture Library Ltd v Stiletto Ltd,[159] Bingham LJ stated that a reference in a small photo transparency bag to a fee for the late return of slides (which would have reached £3,783.50 for 47 transparencies after only one month) was a chargeable period for registration without clear notice. In contrast, in O`Brien v MGN Ltd,[160] Hale LJ felt that the Daily Mirror`s failure to say in every newspaper that if there were too many winners in its £50,000 free draw, there would be another draw for disappointed “winners” was not painful enough to prevent the inclusion of the term. It may also be that a regular and consistent conduct of activities between two parties may lead to the inclusion of the terms of previous transactions in future transactions. In Hollier/Rambler Motors Ltd,[161] the Court of Appeal held that Mr.