What Microsoft End-User License Agreement (Eula) And Limitations Of Library Are

4.10 Preversion Code. Parts of the product can be identified as a Prerelease Code. Such a preversion code does not conform to the level of performance and compatibility of the final product offering generally available. The preversion code may not work properly and can be changed significantly before the first commercial delivery. Microsoft is not required to market this version or a later version of the preversion code. Licensing for the use of prerelease code expires with the availability of a commercial version of Microsoft`s Prerelease code. 7.3 Microsoft Windows for working groups or Windows 95 software. The CD-ROM on which Windows NT Server is located may contain a copy of Windows for Workgroups or Windows 95. Note that to install or use this software, you need to purchase a separate license for Windows for working groups or Windows 95. Server software.

You can only create, use and install server software on any number of servers in accordance with Section 2, and server software components can only be installed and used on the same server. The media on which the server software is located may contain several versions of the server software and connector software (only for Microsoft Exchange Server) that are compatible with a different microprocessor architecture (for example. B, x86 architecture or different RISC architectures). These multi-architecture versions can only be installed and used on different servers to be used by a licensed end user in accordance with Section 2. The server software should not be used as server software that supports your software product development (z.B.) as a source code repository. Customer software. You are only allowed to create client software on any number of devices for the design, development, testing and demonstration of software products you have created to work with the server software. The product is licensed by MSDN, Microsoft`s MSDN Subscription Program. exemptions from paragraph 5.1 (a) the above license does not apply to copying the Windows NT Server or Windows 2000 Server product provided with platforms as the use of Windows NT Server and Windows 2000 Server products, and is subject to the conditions set out in paragraphs 6 and 7.10 below; and (b) some COMPONENTS of Platforms may contain software that limits the number of copies that can be created for use by you unless the 10 copies allowed above. Microsoft grants you a non-exclusive and free right to use, reproduce and distribute Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (“MSDE”) and files listed in REDIST. TXT file (together the redistributable code), provided you comply with the distribution conditions in REDIST. TXT file.

If you want to redistribute MSDE, you also agree that: (a) your application does not fundamentally duplicate the functions of Microsoft Access or, in Microsoft`s reasonable opinion, is fully complemented by it; and (b) that you do not reproduce MSDE or for commercial distribution in combination with general word processing, May use table or database management software or an integrated factory or product suite whose components include a generic word processing, table or database management product , unless you become authorized to use MSDE for commercial distribution associated with general word processing, table calculation or database management software, or an integrated factory or product suite whose components include a generic word, table or database management product. , with the exception of the exclusive use of data importation in the various formats supported by Microsoft Access.