Serco Enterprise Agreement

Most of the enterprise agreements negotiated by AIMPE are reserved for engineers. This is the result of AIMPE`s policy of negotiating separate agreements. Separate agreements mean that only engineers can vote on the conditions applicable to engineers. AIMPE represents Marine Engineers, which are employed by a large number of employers throughout Australia. One of THE most important tasks of AIMPE is to help members as negotiators negotiate enterprise agreements. Where possible, the AIMPE official responsible for a company/sector will seek the assistance of delegates during the negotiation process. The enterprise agreements negotiated by AIMPE with maritime employers are listed below. The majority of AIMPE members have defined their terms of employment through an enterprise agreement (see above), but the EEA base is a modern price series. When an application for accreditation is submitted, it is submitted to the “Better Off Overall Test” – known as BOOT. The Fair Work Commission applies the BOOT test to each proposed EA. If, overall, staff will not be improved, EA`s proposal should not be approved. Ports Harbours and Enclosed Water Vessels Award 2010 Generally speaking, AIMPE members covered by an EA never have to consider one of the Modern Awards. However, employees who are not covered by an EA may be required to refer to the terms of the bonus.

These distinctions set the legal minimum wage and conditions for all maritime workers in the six sectors of the maritime industry mentioned: this page is being revised and is being updated.