Sample Franchise Agreement For Educational Institute

and/or review the business documents, accounting and accounting documents, sales, reports, financial statements and tax returns that the franchisee must submit to the franchisor, as well as the franchisee`s books and registrations and those of a company or partnership to which the franchisee has awarded this agreement. If the franchisor finds that a review is required during the life or after the end or end of the franchise, the franchisee will provide the franchisor, after notice, with all the documents and documents necessary to carry out such a review. The franchisee cooperates fully with the franchisor`s representatives who conduct such a review. If such a review reveals a euphemism for gross revenues for a period or period, the franchisor pays, within 15 days of receipt of the audit report, taxes, contributions and other amounts (including, but not limited, to interest under Section 24.13) due based on the amount of that recovery. In the event that such control is required when the franchisee is unable to submit reports, financial statements, tax returns or schedules such as this one, or when a recovery of gross sales for a period greater than two per cent (2%) 2000, point 1. of gross revenue for this period made public by the audit. the franchisee pays twice (2) times the default, in addition to the franchisor`s reimbursement for the costs of such a review, including, but not limited to, the costs for independent accountants, legal and travel expenses, the rooms, the board of directors and the compensation of their employees or representatives. The above remedies are in addition to all other rights and remedies that Franchisor may have under this agreement or existing legislation. (e) The franchisor has the right to create an advertising board made up of franchisees and franchisees, including a franchise representative. This Council is called upon to contribute to the fund`s competition expenses. (c) be acquired by an identical or similar company to the Personal Training Institute (regardless of the form of the transaction), even if the other company is active, franchised companies and/or licenses of competitive companies in the exclusive territory; and a franchisor satisfaction training program (after giving the franchisee the opportunity to appoint a replacement manager), the franchisor may terminate the contract pursuant to Section 13.1 and reimburse the franchisee one-third of the initial franchise fee paid by the franchisee based on the franchisor`s time, burden and burden for the implementation of the initial training.