Exhibitor Services Agreement

If LLC acts reasonably and fairly in granting such exemptions to each regal, AMC and Cinemark and if such exceptions do not substantially alter the applicable exhibitors` service agreement, that waiver is not considered an amendment to the issuer`s issuer service agreement for the purposes of this agreement and is not subject to the terms of this section 12.06. 21. Full agreement. No waiver of compliance with a condition or non-compliance with an obligation of this agreement will be effective, unless it is signed in writing and signed by the party granting the waiver and none of these waivers constitute a waiver of the fulfilment of another condition or non-compliance with another obligation. This contract, including the additional rules or regulations adopted by Show Management pursuant to Section 20, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this contract and replaces all other written or oral agreements between the parties. 9. Exclusive services. Show Management has designated official contractors who provide certain services to exhibitors (these services, as listed in the Exhibitor Service Kit, “Exclusive Services”). The issuer must not use other contractors to perform exclusive services. 22. Applicable law.

The laws of the District of Columbia, without its principles of legal conflict being practiced, govern all matters arising from this agreement or the exhibitor`s participation in the event. 7. the layout of the space. The exhibitor must install and occupy his space in accordance with the rules and deadlines set in the exhibitor service kit. The exhibitor`s aircraft must comply, if available, with the arrival and departure procedures and the timetable of the show`s direction. Exhibitions must be professionally designed and operated, respect the rights of other exhibitors and participants and are not at odds with reasonable standards of decency. All booths, exhibition materials and demonstrations must be in the showroom and must not disrupt traffic at any time. Direct sale in ease is strictly prohibited.

The exhibitor must obtain written permission from Show Management and Facility before performing any activity that may conflict with Facility`s insurance policy. The exhibitor may not distribute promotional or promotional material at the event, except for the showroom or with the written consent of the show`s management. The exhibitor obtains all the necessary rights before playing, performing or displaying copyrighted works. 15. Non-responsibility. Under no circumstances will Show Management be responsible for any loss or accidental, indirect, punitive or subsequent damage to the exhibitor, whether such losses or damages have been foreseeable or that Show Management has been informed of the possibility of such losses or damages. Show Management`s maximum liability does not in any way exceed the exhibition costs actually paid by the exhibitor at Show Management.