Agreement And Disagreement Ejercicios

To express agreement and disagreement, auxiliaries (“do” are used for the simple present, “did” for simple grazing, “to be” at each time, “to have” for the perfect present, “wants” for the future, “would” be conditional, etc.). Let us take a few examples: indeed, we must invest between aid and the creation of subjects with neither agreement nor differences of opinion. Greetings, Patricia A. I like pizza B. So I`m (agree to me too) As you can see, the first sentence is simple and positive, so to show approval, we write SO – Auxiliary from simple present to positive (because we agree) – the subject. In this section, you can apply, practice and check if you remember both the vocabulary and grammar of the lesson. If you make mistakes, it is recommended to check the subjects and repeat the exercises. . As for vocabulary, you will learn tile phrases to tell if you agree with something that is being said by someone else. You also know words that refer to politics. Choose the right option to answer or finish each prayer. In the analysis of sentence 20, I think I should say, “Not, “That`s how I did it.” I`m sorry, but I don`t share your… opinion.

All right. It`s the worst movie we`ve ever seen. – I wouldn`t say that. (Disagreement) (Exact) Finally, you can practice what you`ve learned with the series of interactive self-assessment exercises. . . . 7. Do you want another piece of chocolate cake? – . (Accept) (Exact) (False) In the Gramtica section, we see cmo a genoc diagram is written in English. 2. I think she knows him.

– . (Disagreement) (Exact) (False) Hello, Angela: I don`t know what b2 exam you`re going to do, but anything, you need a good grammatical basis, that is to say to have properly assimilated all the contents before b2, and secondly, have assimilated the content of b2 that you have to prove during your review, both in the written part and in the word part, try the grammar of b2 that you studied in both parts. Moreover, and when it comes to speaking, you need an acceptable fluidity to be understood, because you have a good debate, and to understand the other speaker so that communication is not broken.